Use a Computer


The library has five computers for the public to to use that are located in the front of the library.  Three computers allow users to access the internet; the other two are for games and word processing.

Availability of the computers is subject to the demands of the day.  The circulation desk computer must remain open for use of the online library catalog and other library services and tasks.  Business use of a computer by library staff or trustees takes priority.

There is no fee for the use of a computer, but it is requested the patron sign a daily use sheet.  Patrons must be in good standing with the library to use a computer.  Patrons wishing to save their work must purchase a disk from the library ($1).  This helps prevent importation of viruses.

Library privileges will be revoked when a borrower becomes a habitual violator.  A borrower becomes a habitual violator when materials totaling more that $25 have been lost, damaged, overdue, etc.  Library privileges will also be revoked when anyone uses a computer in a way that may be harmful to the program, computer, or another individual.

Inappropriate use of computers must be documented.  An incident which occurs that causes a suspension will result in removal from the computers for a period of three months.  A second offense will result in removal for six months.  Reinstatement after a third offense will be at the discretion of the board of trustees.

Any patron who causes a disturbance or commits harassment (Code of Iowa, Sec. 708.7) may be asked to leave the premises.  Continual verbal confrontation may result in Disorderly Conduct (Code of Iowa, Sec. 723.4 (2 and 3).  Notification to law enforcement may be made by library staff if alleged situation occurs.


Students are authorized to use the library's on-line services in accordance with user obligations and responsibilities specified below and in accordance with Board policy.

     1.  The patron is responsible for proper use at all times.

     2.  The library reserves the right to monitor any on-line activities for improper use.  Electronic activities/communications and downloaded material may be monitored or read by library officials.

     3.  Users are prohibited from accessing, posting, submitting, publishing or displaying harmful materials that is threatening, obscene, disruptive, or sexually explicit, or that could be construed as harassment of others based on race, national origin, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, or political beliefs.

     4.  Users shall not use the system to encourage the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, nor shall they promote unethical practices or any activity prohibited by law.

     5.  Copyrighted material may not be placed in the system without the author's permission.  Users may download copyrighted material for their own use only.

     6.  Vandalism will result in the cancellation of user privileges.  Vandalism includes the intentional uploading, downloading, or creating computer viruses and/or any malicious attempt to harm or destroy library equipment or materials or data of any other user.

     7.  Users shall report any security problem or misuse of the services to the director.  Deliberate attempts to degrade or disrupt system performance will be viewed as criminal activity under applicable state and federal law.

     8.  The computers are available during regular library hours.  Internet users (one patron per computer) will be limited to half hour slots with a maximum of one hour per person, per day.  A patron must be ready to quit when their allotted time is over, regardless of whether they have finished their task or program if there is someone waiting.  No more that two people may use/watch the computer at one time.  Patrons not using a computer shall not be allowed in the technology area.  Homework and educational research shall take precedence over game playing.  Loud noises and rowdiness will result in a suspension/cancellation of library privileges.  Computer usage will be denied if there are outstanding fines.

     9.  The use of the library's system is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use shall result in a suspension/cancellation of those privileges.  Patrons who fail to abide by the library rules shall be subject to disciplinary action and/or legal action as appropriate.



The library has internet access.  Time permitting, the librarian will be happy to help a patron explore the internet.  Items can be downloaded from the internet to either a disk (purchased from the library for $1) or printed out at 25 cents each page.