Use a computer

The purpose of public access to computers at the Moravia Public Library is to provide interaction with a rapidly growing media, to expand learning opportunities and to attract persons who are not library users.  The library  attempts to promote computer literacy and to satisfy the recreational and educational needs of individuals in the community with this service.

Availability of the computers is subject to the demands of the day.  The circulation desk computer must remain open for use of the online library catalog and other library services and tasks.  Business use of a computer by library staff or trustees takes priority.

There is no fee for the use of a computer.  Patrons must be in good standing with the library to use a computer.

The computer is available during regular library hours.  Computer time is available in half-hour time slots with a maximum of two hours per person, per day.  A patron must be ready to quit when the allotted time is over, regardless of whether he/she has finished the task or program if someone is waiting.  No more that one person may use/watch the cumputer at any time.

Anyone who uses a computer in a way that may be harmful to the program, computer, or another individual may be asked to leave the computer.  Please do not hover near a computer while awaiting your turn.  It may distract the person using it.